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Game Masters

We are all about gaming at Gary Con, and we would have no gaming without our Game Masters. Submit your events through Tabletop.Events (TTE) to help us make Gary Con more inspiring with each game submitted and stronger for each year we celebrate. You can get rewarded for being one of our valued GMs.


In addition to the joy of playing an awesome event and helping us celebrate a life well-played, we have a GM rewards program as a way to thank you for what you do for Gary Con:

  • Run any games:
    • All GMs have access to the GM Lounge, a refuge for our hard working GMs, where they can have a refreshment, use a printer, prep for games, or unwind after a long adventure. Drinking water and other modest refreshments will be available for free. Additionally, GMs will receive one ticket/voucher for every 4-hours of events they run (minimum one ticket), good for selecting one of the wider variety snacks/beverages available in the GM Lounge—enjoy them there or take them to-go!!
  • Run 8 hours:
    • All GMs who submit and successfully run 8 hours of events will receive a stadium cup good for specials on soda and Spotted Cow beer all convention long! The cup entitles the user to free beer during Happy Hour Friday and Saturday from 5:30-7:30pm.
    • All GMs who submit 8 hours of events by November 4, 2024 qualify for our Early Bird GM Reward—a certificate good for 10% off convention merchandise at the Gary Con merch booth, up to a maximum discount of $40.
  • Run 12 hours:
    • All GMs who submit and successfully run 12 hours of events will receive a customized GM reward, courtesy of the Roberts Family.
    • All GMs who submit 12 hours of events will receive access to GM Parking OR another reward, TBD. The parking will be a part of the lot, by the spa, across from the Grand Geneva’s main entrance and meant for GMs who are traveling in and not staying at the Grand with access to the lot starting at 7:30am. There are spaces available for approximately the first 75 GMs based on event submission date, who aren’t staying at one of the onsite options (Grand, Timber Ridge Lodge, The Villas, or HICV).
  • Run 16 hours:
    • All GMs who submit and successfully run 16 hours or events will get a uniquely designed Gary Con GM T-Shirt.
    • All GMs who submit and successfully run 16 hours of events will earn a Silver Badge credit for the next Gary Con.
  • Early Birds who run 18 hours:
    • The first 50 GMs who submit, have accepted, and successfully run 18 hours of events earn a spot on the GM Preferred Hotel Reservation List for the next Gary Con. The date stamp of when the games are ACCEPTED in TTE will determine the first 50. This gives the GM access to register for one room prior to the Gary Con room block opening to the general public. **The Preferred Hotel Booking may not be exclusively limited to The Grand Geneva for GC XVIII in 2026.**

*Note: GM rewards are reserved for GMs who submit their events as a part of the convention’s “Event Catalog” for attendees and are available for pre-registration. Games run during open gaming do not count toward total hours for GM rewards.

The Game Master Rewards Program is sponsored By The Roberts Family.