Gary Con is a major undertaking that requires many hands to make possible.  We need YOU to volunteer and be one of the important people that keeps Gary Con running smoothly.  We need you whether you are attending in Lake Geneva or an  Unseen Servant in order to help the Staff with a multitude of tasks.  If you want to volunteer, you can contact Frank at [email protected] or [email protected] to let them know you are interested.  They will be able to pass you over to our Digital Rangers on Discord if you are an Ethereal attendee.


Ethereal Gary Con

What is an Unseen Servant?

An Unseen Servant is a virtual volunteer.  It sounds cool and helps all of us easily differentiate between Material and Ethereal Volunteers.  If you want to find out more go to our discord server and ask Gary Con Discord   or email [email protected] directly.


Material Gary Con

What is a GC volunteer?

It's an excellent person who is willing to dedicate their personal time to helping Gary Con grow into the grand gaming convention that it is today. It takes a special kind of person to help bring joy to their fellow gaming enthusiasts and for that we are grateful.

Now in fun gaming terms!

You are the proud mystical minion recruits of Overlord Luke of Gygaxia and his floor guardians. Lead by the Master of Minions Frank, the Overseer of Coordination, you will be assigned to different floor dungeons and given important tasks. As you interact with the thousands of adventurer types that flock to this glorious dungeon you will be a huge part in making their adventures memorable. So put on your grr face and let's live a life well played! We appreciate you taking the time to help everyone have a great experience. Here are the perks, and note that they are all cumulative at each step:

  • Work 4 hours: Custom Gary Con Badge Wallet and Gary Con patch
  • Work 8 hours: Access to Lounge and Soda (or Beer) Cup (If Health Guidance Allows)
  • Work 16 hours plus: Badge refund (Silver Value) or coupon for 25% off Gary Con Merchandise (one purchase)
  • Full Convention Volunteering: Shift Meal Compensation (From Gary Con Menu)
  • Plus, Dead Dog Party Sunday 8:00 PM for anyone working 8 hours of more.



To volunteer to be part of the GC Team!

Just as GM’s are the Backbone of the con, Volunteers are the lifeblood that keeps the celebration going smoothly. Gary Con can’t happen without all of YOU.

There are many shifts to choose from and you can sign up right on TTE- the same way place you sign up for events. So please pitch in and lend a hand. We even have rewards for our volunteers. See below for instructions on how to sign up - it’s easy.

How to sign up for volunteering at Gary Con.  Please note this is populated in December/January prior to the show.  SO it may not be ready until that time.  Check your email and social media for announcements.

Step 1: go to GC TTE site

*make sure you are signed in with the TTE account you have your Gary Con Badge associated with*

Step 2: Click on Volunteers under the logo

Step 3: Select Available Shifts from drop down

Walk Through to Guide You to Becoming a Volunteer

Step 4: Apply to Volunteer.  Once you are on the Volunteers page you have to submit an application to be a volunteer by clicking on the tab at the very bottom of the page.  I applied already so mine says "My Volunteer Shifts" already.



Step 5:  Enter or Review your personal information- and please add a good cell number to contact you.  Then click Choose Shifts.




Step 6: Select your shifts.  You can sort by day and room to help narrow your selections.  Remember we need people for set-up as early as Tuesday.  When you find a shift you want click the Green Volunteer button.  BUT BE CAREFUL.  Once you click it you are signed up for that shift.  There is not an easy way to delete a shift you signed up for.



Step 7: Once you have clicked on the Green Volunteer Button for ALL the shifts you want- click Submit My Application at the bottom of the page to lock in those volunteer shifts and put them on your schedule.

Step 8: Review your Volunteer Shifts and make sure they are all correct.  If you have any issues you can message Frank Sapia or Cliff Gould using the "message Manager" function or reach out by email to [email protected] or [email protected]




Thank you for being part of the team of people that brings so much enjoyment to everyone celebrating at Gary Con.


Luke Gygax