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Attend Gary Con

So you’re here to seek adventure?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Gary Con is an iconic gaming convention that is centered around tabletop role-playing games and how they bring people together.  You may end up playing at tables with iconic game designers and publishers allowing you to cause chaos in their setting, you might run into Melf (Luke Gygax) in the lobby bar, or snap a picture with some of the celebrity guests who attend Gary Con.  You’ll never know what adventure lies ahead until you make the journey. 

Where do I start?

Buy a badge on TableTop.Events (TTE).

Then what?

Get a hotel room. You can stay onsite at the Grand Geneva or find lodging with one of our partner hotels. Lake Geneva is a tourist destination, so there are a lot of local options available to our many attendees!

How should I get there?

There’s not a convenient mass transit solution to get to Lake Geneva for Gary Con.  If you live near enough, you can drive from your home to Lake Geneva.  If you’re traveling from a greater distance, you can book a flight to either Chicago (O’Hare is most convenient) or Milwaukee (General Mitchell).  It’s possible to either book a shuttle or limousine service to-and-from the airport or rent a car and drive yourself; you’ll want to search the internet to find the best deals.  Some people defray transportation costs by using the Gary Con FB Group and/or the GC Discord Server to arrange ride sharing.

Okay, but what should I do about joining games?

That depends on what kind of personality you have! Some people like to book their time as solidly as possible by filling up their “TTE schedule” with events. Other people like to take a casual approach, by showing up and doing what they want with the ebb and flow of the convention; this allows them to join open gaming when they aren’t busy touring some of the bigger festivities you might find on our “Daily Schedule.” 

However, the most popular option is likely somewhere between these two approaches. Pick one or two big things you want to do over each day or the weekend and sign up for at least a few of those events.  Most people always say you should save time for the “Exhibitor Hall!”  Setting aside enough time to make sure you are staying hydrated and having meals and snacks as needed is always encouraged.  

Visit our “Event Registration” page for more details about reserving event tickets!

Wait, I want to run a game!

Please review our GM policies and then you can submit games on TableTop.Events.

Visit our “Event Submission” page for more details about submitting events!