Autograph Booth

Welcome to the schedule page for our autograph booth. If you scroll down you will find a complete hourly list with direct links to TTE events. Take a look and be ready to get some signatures!!

Unfortunately, autographs cannot be 100% guaranteed, but you can add it to your schedule to ensure you don't forget. Additionally, this schedule is subject to change.



10am-11am: Luke Gygax & Matt Everhart

11am-12pm: Dakota Krout

12pm-1pm: Ed Greenwood

1pm-2pm: Elisa Teague

2pm-3pm: Mike Mearls

3pm-4pm: Kelsey Dionne

4pm-5pm: Erol Otus


10am-11am: Mike Pondsmith

11am-12pm: Jeff Richard

12pm-1pm: Legends of Avantris

1pm-2pm: Merle Rasmussen

2pm-3pm: Jeff Grubb

3pm-4pm: Zeb Cook

4pm-5pm: Keith Baker


10am-11am: Joe Manganiello & Jeff Easley

11am-12pm: Stephen Radney-MacFarland

12pm-1pm: Grogu & Luke Gygax

1pm-2pm: James Hunter

2pm-3pm: Mike Witwer

3pm-4pm: Todd Stashwick

4pm-5pm: Todd Stashwick