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August 13, 2023 0 By Melf

Greetings Seekers,

Tomorrow, Monday August 14th, at 10 am Central Time the Grand Geneva and Timber Ridge Reservations opens up. You can call the Grand Geneva or use the  Grand Geneva Resort Link (preferred method). There are also a few suites available at Timber Ridge the on campus hotel with an indoor waterpark. You can reserve a suite by clicking the  Timber Ridge Link.

Rooms at the Grand Geneva will be in high demand again this year and not everyone will be able to stay at the Grand Resort. This year we negotiated Gary Con rates with several local hotels to help you find quality affordable lodging nearby. You can get all the information on our new  Gary Con Hotel Page

Founders & Legends

So what is this Founders & Legends Con? Next year (2024) is the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons–the revolutionary game that created the RPG genre. That’s why we are organizing a special celebration called Founders & Legends Con, in Lake Geneva at the Grand Geneva Resort, March 16-18, 2024. It is a smaller, more intimate gathering with a focus on the foundations of our beloved community. That doesn’t mean you cannot come and play 5e, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk Red, etc., but the origins of the hobby–the designers, artists, and trailblazers who got us to where we are today–are central to our celebration.

Guests include Zeb Cook, Ed Greenwood, Erol Otus, James M. Ward,Kelsey Dionne, Mike Carr, Allen Hammack, Tom Wham, Bill Webb, Keith Baker, Alyssa Faden, and a gaggle of Gygaxes. More Guests are bound to be added as we go. What games will be played? You get to decide much of it by getting a badge and submitting events! Legends of Wargaming will be there along with Legio V running old school games for all. I’ll be taking a few shifts at The Tower of Gygax, an old school D&D meatgrinder of a dungeon crawl, along with other guests. See how long you can survive! I’ll also be running AD&D in Okkorim and maybe even a descent into the dungeons beneath Greyhawk Castle…. Jay Scott will be running Greyhawk, Dave Temperado 1974 OD&D… and of course all the Legends will be there to play games with all of us. This is a once in a lifetinme event to play with so many Legends in Lake Geneva on the 50th. Spread the word to your friends and plan your Expedition to Geneva Lake.

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Luke Gygax

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