Last Call for Events, Get GC Merch and A New Tom Wham Games Company!

December 13, 2021 0 By Melf

Greetings Gary Con Goers,

I can’t believe 2021 is drawing to a close already. Its been a bit of a roller coaster for me persoanlly and I suspect many of you as well. I am excited for 2022 for many reasons one of which is the prospect of seeing you in Lake Geneva celebrating at Gary Con with me, my family and our Special Guests.

Calling All GMs: Veterans and First Timers Welcome

The deadline to submit events is the end of the month- only days away! Now is the time to get a badge (if you haven’t already) and submit events. There is notging like running a game at a convention. You start off as strangers and by the end we’ve created new stories and often times I’ve made some new friends. Gaming is the core of Gary Con. It generates the energy and contributes to the camaraderie that makes Gary Con unique. I hope that you will consider submitting an event for your favorite game and share it with all of us- even if you never did it before. Just go to and click Buy Badge and then Submit Events. Thank you to all that answer the call to join the GC XIV GM Regiment!

Get Your Gary Con Merchandise

The holidays are here and I bet you are busy buying gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Don’t forget that **we have tons of cool swag available year round** Just click order your loot and it will come to your door. There are featured items right on the home page or click “Merchandise” and go into a deep delve. We might even have some of my limited print runs D&D modules left. And you can round out your GC T-Shirt collection with print on demand items fulfilled by Printful.


New Tom Wham Games Available

Are you a fan of Tom Wham art and games? I have been since I first played Snit’s Revenge in 1977. I played Tom Wham’s whimsical games with my Dad at home from the 1970s through the 2000’s. Tom is a skilled designer who illustrates his games in his unique style. You most likely saw Tom’s art in the AD&D core rulebooks as well, such as the Monster Manual and Dungeon Masters Guide. Tom and another good friend and Gary Con Staff member, Dave Conant, are bringing Tom’s fun board games to market! Details below.

Tom and Dave Conant have partnered up to form Tom Wham Games, LLC and
are now producing their first self-published game – Battling Space Ships. They will be using The Game Crafter’s
Crowd Sales system where you’ll be able to pick it up at a steep (hopefully) discount – the more peoplethat participate, the bigger the discount. Exact discounts are still being worked out, but will start at 5-10% and could be as much as 35%. The date for the Crowd Sale will be: Battling Space Ships: December 13, 2021 – January 9, 2022.  Once the sales window has closed, the game will then be available in their store at the regular retail price so don’t miss out on the sale. Click the Game Crafter link above to support them. Go check out the website – TomWham.Games – for more information about their company and the other things they’re offering in their store (art prints, buttons, t-shirts, etc.). While you’re there you can sign up to be on their mailing list (Sign Me Up!) to receive their announcements for additional games to follow Battling Space Ships. Some of the possibilities include Felithian Finance, Moose Quest, General Palmer, Dragon Lairds from Outer Space, Missing Mining Moon, Felithian Factories, and Space Barons (the game where the Felith story began). Also possible are some of Tom’s early games published in The Dragon Magazine (Snit Smashing, Snit’s Revenge, and Search for the Emperor’s Treasure to name a few options). Better yet, climb into the Znutar as a member of the crew by joining one of their Member Subscription Plans! Many of you will recognize this ship from The Awful Green Things From Outer Space game. As a crewman/subscriber of the Znutar  you’ll be able to cast a vote on which game gets printed next in addition to loads of other great benefits and rewards at the various membership levels.

Wishing All Happy Holidays and I hope to see you and the rest of our gamer family in Lake Geneva this March.


Luke Gygax