TTE and Gaming at Gary Con

TTE and Gaming at Gary Con

March 15, 2017 Off By LMetcalf


Gary Con is right around the corner and the staff is busy putting the finishing touches in place to host the biggest and best celebration to date.  One thing to bear in mind is that sometimes things happen in people’s lives that prevents them from attending.  We understand how frustrating this is and how it can throw a wrench in your gaming plans! This year we have a way to help reduce this problem ahead of time and keep your Gary Con stress free.

One benefit of using TTE is the ability to keep event registration open up to the week of Gary Con. The staff is updating the list to reflect all known cancellations as they are identified. I encourage everyone to go and check their schedule and look for any cancellations.  If one of your events is cancelled, review the available events and select a replacement. It’s not like online casinos. Your new event ticket will be in your pre-registration packet for any change input before March 19th.

As of March 10th, we have had two Special Guests have to cancel due to personal issues (Lester Smith and Jeremy Crawford).  And as many of you know both Tim Kask and Jim Ward are battling serious health issues. They are both members of the Gary Con Old Guard and committed to celebrating with us, however circumstances may dictate that they miss this year.  So please check your schedules and remain flexible.  There are still plenty of open seats at a variety of events.


– The Gary Con Staff