A Brief Explanation of the Rarity of Gary Con Diamond and Platinum Badges

July 27, 2019 Off By Melf

Greetings and Happy Gary Gygax Day!  I hope all of you get to shake some dice around a table with your friends today.  I wanted to make a quick post on a question I hear often about Gary Con badges.  The question is why do the Diamond and Platinum badges sell out, or nearly so BEFORE badge registration officially starts?  The reason is that these two badges have a renewal feature.  So if you bought a Platinum badge for Gary Con VIII a few years ago, you could simply renew before badge sales opened and retain your Platinum badge each year.  Most people choose to do this so few of them are available for general sale.


The good news is any badge is a good badge at Gary Con. You get as many hours of gaming as you can fit in your schedule, camaraderie, fun functions and a chance to celebrate with like-minded folks from around the world and online casino games here.  I look forward to seeing you all in Lake Geneva next March.


Luke Gygax