Roll With Gary  Dice

Roll With Gary Dice

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Official Gary Con “Roll With Gary” Dice Set.

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  1. Official Gary Con “Roll With Gary” Dice Set.  Limited online availability! These dice are inspired by the original dice set that was first available for use with Dungeons and Dragons.  These dice are molded in the image of the Platonic solids obtained from the School supply company, but they are made with the highest quality materials, are slightly larger and they have the GC logo as the maximum pip.

Note that the twenty sided die is numbered 0 to 9 twice (no its not defective that how the originals were designed!). To get a number from 1-20 simply roll a d6 with it and on a score of 1-3 on the d6- just read the number on the d20. However if you roll a 4-6 on the d6 you add ten to the number showing on the d20.



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