New and Improved Event Process for Gary Con XII

July 20, 2019 Off By Melf
Greetings Seekers,
So what changes are we making to the beloved GC event process? In the past we categorized events as “Featured” or “Regular”.  Featured events were limited by the type of badge that an attendee purchased, with Diamond badges having 6, Platinum 3, Gold 2 , AND Silver 1.  This created some problems with players who either couldn’t get into a game they wanted and GMs that had many empty seats for Featured events.
The team came up with a simple and effective solution to resolve these concerns and retain the benefits of our tiered badge system.  For GC XII there will be no event categories, all events will be the same.  However  a specific percentage of all seats at each event will be available for each tier.  We plan on using the following model:
  • Diamond: 50%,
  • Platinum: 65%,
  • Gold: 80%,
  • Open: 100% of all seats.
This retains the value for those who purchased gold or higher badges, while extending the opportunity for ALL attendees to get a seat at ANY game. And simultaneously removes the staff from making subjective assessments of what games are “Featured” at ANY casino game.   I am very excited about this change because I think it will work well and be received well by everyone (or almost everyone- its impossible to make everyone happy!).