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F&L Tournament

Welcome, adventurers and storytellers, to the grand gathering of Founders & Legends, the ultimate celebration of old school and new school tabletop and roleplaying, wargaming, and board gaming! Founders & Legends is a sanctuary for those who yearn for the nostalgia and magic of the classic era of tabletop RPGs. Here, we pay homage to the pioneers who forged the path, and we honor the legends who inspired generations of gamers. 

F&L History

Dungeons & Dragons was published in 1974, so we began with something special to mark the 50th anniversary of the RPG genre in 2024. We took a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate 50 years of D&D® where it was created–Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

With attendance demand at its highest to date for Gary Con in 2024, a second weekend of gaming was created for March 16-18 as a prelude to Gary Con called “Founders & Legends Convention.” We organized Founders & Legends to include more people with more gaming and welcomed as many people as possible to Lake Geneva to celebrate the historic milestone.

Founders & Legends was also organized to focus on the history of the TTRPG industry. The emphasis of F&LC was our roots, thereby encouraging folks to run OD&D, Empire of the Petal Throne, Chainmail, Original Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Role Master, Gamma World, Champion, etcetera. We had a host of “Special Guests” participating in seminars and panels about where we started in the 1970s and how we progressed to current day.

What is the F&L Tournament?

People in the tournament will play the same character across all editions of the game, via four 4-hour sessions, in a Gygaxian-inspired epic scenario. This is a unique experience that will test your skills in a way like never before. The DMs and co-authors along with Luke Gygax who have run groups include Zeb Cook, Andrew Perry, Keith Baker, and Kelsey Dionne.

Do you choose the path of an adventurer?

Will you answer the call of the quest and emerge triumphant from the Founders & Legends Tournament? Stay tuned to find out more info about the next tournament!